Our Mission

In today’s busy world of social media, Vidward strives to bridge the divide between promoters, creators, and the fans who love them. We facilitate product integration in online content and manage connections for a curated talent roster. We are dedicated to our ideals of collaboration, transparency, and growth.

For brands, we provide direct access to some of the top talent across social media. For creators, we simplify the complex world of sponsorships and marketing.


Our dedicated team of industry veterans come from a variety of creative backgrounds. We at Vidward seek to provide reliable assistance to creators as they navigate the world of social media marketing. We understand your needs. We care about you, because we are you.

Vidward is created by artists like YOU.

We appreciate the time and passion that goes into creating online content, and that’s why we do our best to support creators in sustaining their work and maintaining the integrity of their brand.

We remove the middleman. Get clear, easy-to-understand answers about negotiations, expectations, and compensation. Connect with a dedicated manager to get only what you want out of your social media career. Building a brand isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Vidward. Moving media forward.